Microencapsulation in Confections

Dr. MarcDr. Marc Meyers A. Meyers is a senior Research and Development Manager with global experience
in innovation and new technology development, microencapsulation and delivery systems. He is experienced in the development of functional foods/nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, confectionery, bakery, syrups, pet foods, ingredients and technical service for food and flavor applications. He has been awarded 36 patents, including 19 US patents, 17 foreign patents and 12 PCT’s. Dr. Meyers has a Ph.D. from Rutgers University in Food Science and a B.S. from Penn State University in Food Science and is an active member of the IFT.

Dr. Meyers recently joined Mondelez International in the Ingredient Research and Delivery Systems R&D group. Previously he was the Managing Principal of MEYERS CONSULTING, LLC, a consulting product and technology development firm focusing on the food, dietary supplement and wellness industries. Dr. Meyers main areas of interest are in new technology development in encapsulated flavors and bioactives, hydrocolloid applications and technology short-course development. Dr. Meyers co-organizes a successful Microencapsulation short-course with hands on tours held in Minneapolis and in Europe every year.

His encapsulation background started while at Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, where he developed a number of patented encapsulation formats for chewing gum. He was also Commercial Research Director for Balchem Corporation, developing custom encapsulations for food and wellness applications. At Firmenich, his group developed encapsulated flavor applications for Sweet Goods (confections, baking and oral care). He recently was an Adjunct Professor of Food Science in the Foods and Nutrition Department at Montclair State University teaching Food Science classes and labs. Dr. Meyers also taught similar courses at Hunter College-CUNY in New York City; Drexel University in Philadelphia; and a Dietary Supplement/Functional Foods course at Rutgers University in New Brunswick.



Dr. Bob Sobel_FONARobert Sobel is currently serving FONA International as a Vice President of Research and Innovation in the development of new and novel flavor encapsulation delivery systems and taste modification technologies.  He has 15 years of industrial flavor R&D experience at FONA International, located in Geneva, Illinois, USA.  Prior to joining FONA International, Robert was an educator within both secondary and undergraduate settings teaching chemistry and physics.

Robert received a B.S. in chemistry with a minor in physics from Northern Illinois University, his M.A. in educational leadership from Aurora University, and his Ph.D. in chemistry from Northern Illinois University.  Graduate research emphasis includes physical chemistry and unified separation science.

Robert has published manuscripts in Analytical Chemica Actica, The Journal of Chemical Education and Perfumer & Flavorist. He is cited as an inventor on many patents and patents pending in the art of microencapsulation. He has given a variety of technical symposia on analysis of flavor encapsulates, challenges of microencapsulation of flavors, proteins and polysaccharides as microencapsulating agents, real-time reaction monitoring and flavor analysis using surface acoustic wave microsensor arrays and artificial neural networks, and design of experiments for scalability and quality improvement of spray drying flavorants.