This year, the PaAACT will be be holding some of our meetings in conjunction with Drexel University’s Food Science department.  We are also hoping to support the University in various ways throughout the year, and also through the Hans P. Dresel Memorial Scholarship.  We will also have at least one of our meetings at Drexel this year.

On Thursday, November 19th, the Food Science department in conjunction with the NY Metro Region of the Research Chefs Association will hold a Mystery Market Basket Student Culinology Competition.  The goal is to have  teams of  students, paired with a professional mentor, compete in timed culinary event.  It will be a 3 round (appetizer, entree, and dessert) cooking/plating competition with 10 mystery ingredients in the basket. Each team will have to use all 10 items in the Mystery Market Basket in their 3 courses and will be asked to showcase their creativity in culinary arts, knowledge of food science, fast turnarounds and plating ability, and use of the mystery ingredients in their dishes for judging.

You can help in two different ways. There is the need for professional members to work alongside each team to act as mentors.There is also the need for member companies to donate items to be used in the competition as well as financial sponsorship.

You can find additional information on the  competition and ways to support the event by clicking here:  Mystery Market Basket Competition

The PaAACT will also have an opportunity to attend and observe part of the competition.  More information on that will follow.

We hope to see you at the National AACT meeting on October 5-7 in Lincolnshire.  National AACT Meeting